Real-time Quantitative PCR Instrument


     Baicare Ultrafast QPCR Detection system FQ-8A adopts "real-time fluorescent quantitative PCR technology" combined with "real-time dynamic temperature control technology", which can be used in various fluorescent quantitative PCR detection projects to achieve rapid nucleic acid detection. With powerful functions and flexible operation, PCR amplification and detection experiments of DNA and RNA can be completed in a compact and portable environment. With the anti-pollution open lid design, Baicare Ultrafast QPCR detection system provides a easy, fast and safe experimental operation. Combine with the efficient PCR Detection Kit and Neuclec Acid Releaser, Baicare provides the complete solution for SARS-CoV-2 Testing and other projects.

Technical Parameters:

Work environment:

                 Ø Out - patient                                                                              

                 Ø Food safety                                

                 Ø Community hospitals                                                                 

                 Ø Customs airport

                 Ø Fever clinic                                                                                 

                 Ø On-site emergency testing

                 Ø Centers for Disease Control

Operational Video: